Major League firsts for Rhyne and Brian


With the Birds back in Baltimore, Brian made his first-ever trip to the flag court to check in for this week’s video blog on

This week, B-Rob touched on how tough it was for him to be sidelined from the O’s latest road trip and updated the injury that kept him at home while the O’s made their way through Oakland, Seattle and Boston. Also stay tuned for his latest American Idol prediction and the new movie he and Diana recommend seeing.

Finally, Brian invited a special guest to join him this week. Watch as B-Rob turns the interview tables and helps you get to know the newest Oriole, first baseman Rhyne Hughes. Brian asks Hughes about his big league promotion, from the time he got the news to Hughes’ own way of dealing with nerves when he first hit the field.

If you have any ideas for Brian’s next video blog or have any locations around the Yard you would like him to visit, just drop a note in the comment box below!

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