Orioles’ Second Baseman Brian Roberts Hits Homerun for Baltimore Families

Brian and Diana Roberts, Diana set to embark on a Mission of Giving

BALTIMORE, MD (January 25, 2011) – Brian Roberts is most known for his on the field performance as the Orioles’ second baseman and in the clubhouse as one of the leaders of the team.  But it’s his off-the-field activities that make him a hero to some very special children in the Baltimore area.

For the past several years, Brian has visited the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital to bring smiles to some of his tiniest fans.  Roberts knows all too well what it’s like to be in their shoes.  You see, he was once one of them himself.  Many people don’t realize the now strong, agile athlete was a frail little 5 year old facing open-heart surgery.  Roberts, along with his wife, Diana, have made a commitment to continue and strengthen their support of the hospital and their pediatric patients through their newly established One-For-All Fund.  Funds will be raised through various fundraisers including the annual event “Brian’s Baseball Bash.”

Roberts is set to appear at the Orioles Fanfest this coming Saturday.  Thanks to the Orioles Reach Program, he and Diana will be hosting 15 families through the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital at Fanfest and are looking forward to reuniting with children they visited as patients there in the past.

“When it comes to my community efforts, I’m so thankful to be a part of a team like the Orioles.  They’ve been so generous in furthering my support of the hospital.  These kids and their families sometimes just need a reason to smile and my goal is to see every little face light up and forget about their illness for a while,” Roberts says.  “To see how they handle their situations with such optimism and courage is really inspiring to me.”

Roberts Co-Chairs the Board of Visitors for the Hospital with Chip Doetsch, who says, “Brian and his wife work earnestly and selflessly to ensure that the children of Baltimore receive the best care possible.”  Doetsch continues, “The part of Brian that is even more impressive than his talent as a player, is his character as a man.”

Shannon Joslin manages the Child Life Program at University of Maryland Children’s Hospital.  “I have had the pleasure of working with Brian and Diana to coordinate visits with children and families in the hospital, Joslin says, “as well as child/family attendance at special events outside of the hospital that are made possible by Brian and Diana and the Orioles – like Fanfest, the annual Baseball Bash, and Orioles games.  Brian and Diana understand the importance of treating the whole child – that play, laughter, and normal kid ‘celebrations’ are essential elements of the healing process along with medical care.  Brian and Diana have partnered with the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital on all levels to support the care of children and families – from providing financial support for the new hybrid cath lab in the treatment of children with cardiac conditions, to providing their time, resources and personal presence to join in the play at our Child Life Carnival.  We value the passion and dedication Brian and Diana exemplify with their ongoing support and involvement with children and families at the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital.”